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2 April 2015

Diversity Sponsorship Programme

From today we start our Diversity Sponsorship programme, until the ticket sales is still on.

We have a batch of free tickets, dedicated for underrepresented groups in tech, who cannot attend the conference for some reason.
For these tickets, anyone can send in application, using this form.

This programme could not be started without our awesome launch partners:

You can join this hall of fame, by buying a Diversity Supporter ticket, or a Diversity Sponsorship package on Tito.

With this programme we also rewised our Diversity Supporter ticket, and removed the option from the ticket holder to name the beneficiary. From now on, the second ticket in the price will be assigned to the batch of free tickets for applicants.

More information about the programme, the application process, and how these tickets will be awarded.

18 February 2015

Diversity Supporter ticket and Ambassador Program

Diversity Supporter tickets are on sale from today! How does it work:

Our Ambassador Program is for meetup groups and communities:

7 February 2015

Ticket sales, CFP and our new site!

Early Bird Tickets are on sale from today until the batch is available!
Here's all the information of the tickets:

Call For Presentations! If you would like to get on stage, check out our CFP, and submit your talk now!